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Discovery is at the heart of the Australian Museum (AM), Australia’s first Museum and the leading natural history and culture museum in the region. All day every day, we ask the important question, “Why?”.

The Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) is the Museum’s engine room of science and discovery and home to over 100 scientists. Our AM scientists strive to expand our knowledge on critical matters of biodiversity, biosecurity, climate, and culture to help us better understand the world around us. With 22 million scientific and cultural objects and specimens in the collection, the next discovery is just around the corner and we need your help to make it possible.

Last financial year, your generosity allowed the Australian Museum to:

None of this would be possible without philanthropic support. By considering a tax-deductible donation this end of financial year, you will be supporting our next discovery and sharing the magic of science with the next generation. Help us to continue to ask “Why?”.

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